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Creating scientific sustainability

At the core of Gaea’s ethos is innovation. From survey to sign-off, we believe in challenging ourselves to find more efficient and effective ways of doing things.

Gaea Environmental believes in sustainability, and we strive to factor this core value into everything we do. It’s important to us to ensure that the solutions we recommend and undertake are cost effective, efficient and generate the minimum waste possible.

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Our technologies

Gaea’s strength-in-depth team accesses a broad range of the very latest remediation technologies, coupled with strong scientific knowledge and expertise which gets the most out of the processes we implement.

Tried and tested techniques include:

The use of electron donors to directly decompose or change contaminants.

The use of electron acceptors to directly change or decompose contamination.

The use of micro-organisms in an enhanced environment to decompose contamination.

The removal of several phases (eg. liquid or vapour) from soils and groundwaters. Phases are then treated at ground level.

The use of catalysed peroxides to instigate a controlled free radical cascade to decompose contaminants.

The use of natural differences between atmospheric pressures or temperatures and that of soil, in conjunction with micro-organisms, to decompose organic contaminants.

-The use of heat sources to volatilise various contaminants in soils for recovery.

The application of a wide range of remedial treatments that have been removed from their original location, normally stockpiled in windrows.

The use of various combinations of reagents to chemically lock contaminants into a soil matrix so that they can no longer form a pathway to a receptor.

The replacement of the upper surfaces of a site with un-contaminated material so that no pathway exists between any remaining material and people.

The use of vacuum extraction systems to physically remove vapours from underlying soils.

The chemical alteration of contaminant types to a less toxic type.

The injection of micro air bubbles into contaminated groundwater to strip out dissolved volatile contaminants. Should be used in conjunction with soil vapour extraction.

Leading remediation methods

We continually develop and improve our working methods. Our engineering and fabrication division designs and constructs our own remediation equipment, as well as solutions for others throughout the British Isles, going considerably beyond commercially-available technologies to create truly bespoke and highly functional solutions which support Gaea’s forward-thinking and proactive approach.

An extensive range of commissioned remedial apparatus is available to our clients, including:

  • multiphase extraction trailers that can be mobilised to almost any site
  • powerful vapour extraction units and negative pressure units
  • a large number of automated treatment systems, each of which can be set up to suit any scenario and is remotely controlled and adjusted
  • specialised pumping systems for the removal of oils from water and groundwater.

Research & development for the future

Gaea is constantly developing our technologies, and in conjunction with several universities and government bodies we are currently developing new chemical and physical process that we believe will revolutionise the industry.

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“Very helpful and professional throughout, I would thoroughly recommend Gaea to anyone. ”

Mr W, Armagh.

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